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Plant Care

  • Goldfish Plant Care
    February 23, 2022 Josh Rahl

    Goldfish Plant Care

    Goldfish plant gets its common name from the long, tubular orange or orange-red flowers that look like everyone's first pet -- goldfish.

    This is a perennial and will last for several years with good care. Long stems can reach up to 3 ft (90 cm) and are densely covered with thick, waxy, dark-green leaves.

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  • Lipstick Plant Care
    February 23, 2022 Josh Rahl

    Lipstick Plant Care

    Nothing brightens up a room like a flowering plant. The Aeschynanthus lipstick vine has pointy, waxy leaves and blooms with bright clusters of flowers. Vivid red blossoms emerge from a dark maroon bud reminiscent of a tube of lipstick. Growing lipstick plants is not difficult, and with proper care you get rewarded with continuous flowers.
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